Terms & Conditions of Sales


The general conditions of sale define the legal framework in which any reservation takes place. Read them carefully.

Art. 1. Identification, definitions and scope of the general conditions of provision

1.1. Provider identification

Les Chambres d'Hôtes "Near the Wood is an accommodation managed by, Mr. and Mrs. Lescraoart Martine established in Belgium, at 6470 Rance, Rue du Commerce 61 can be reached by phone at the number +32 (0) 60/456487 and by email via

1.2. Definitions
We hear by :
"Customer": the customer who books a service made available by the Service Provider, on the Website;
"General conditions": these general conditions of provision;
"Reservation": the provision contract which binds the service provider to the Client at the end of the reservation procedure, including the General Conditions and the specific conditions of access to accommodation;
"Provider": the natural or legal person (or his representative) who owns the accommodation made available to the Client
"Service": accommodation and / or activities made available by the service provider and bookable by the customer.

The General Conditions govern the contractual relations that the service provider establishes with the Customer. They are an essential element of the Contract. Consequently, these conditions can only be waived if the service provider has given their prior written consent.Consequently, the Customer cannot in any way claim the application of his own possible general conditions, whatever they may be. If the Customer wishes to derogate from the General Conditions, he must make an express request before concluding the Contract. In this case, however, the General Conditions will remain applicable in a supplementary manner.

Art. 2. Purpose and acceptance of the General Conditions

2.1. Object
The service provider provides the client with services. He takes charge of the management of reservations and, in return, receives payment for his services and provisions.
2.2. Acceptance
Any reservation made by the customer assumes that he has read and expressly accepted the general conditions, even though he has not affixed a handwritten signature on these conditions.
The Client and the service provider agree that the confirmation of the reservation by the Client is final, when he clicks on the button "I accept the conditions ...". In doing so, he declares that he has read and accepted the general conditions of provision as well as the specific conditions. He confirms his reservation and pays "". This constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.This electronic signature therefore expresses the client's consent to the provider's offer, on the one hand, and his acceptance of the general conditions, on the other.

Art. 3. Customer information obligation and use of the leased property

The customer is required to provide correct, complete and updated information, in particular, without this list being exhaustive, concerning the composition of the group of participants in the stay (minors, animals, ...) and the reason for the stay. The client will assume all consequences of any kind, and in particular financial consequences, subsequent to any inaccurate, incomplete and / or non-updated information that he has communicated.

The client uses the rented property in accordance with its destination and as a good father. It is required to respect the maximum capacity provided. Any breach of this clause may result in the immediate termination of the contract, at the expense of the customer, the rental amount remaining definitively acquired by the service provider.

3.1. minors
In any case, the provider will not agree to contract with a person under the age of 18. All reservations made by people under the age of 18 are deemed non-existent, without the customer being able to demand any compensation. The customer is obliged to compensate the service provider for all direct and indirect consequences linked to the fact that he has made a reservation by entering an incorrect date of birth.

3.2. Animals
When admitted, pets accompanying the client must be reported.

3.3 Groups
The service provider reserves the right to refuse any reservation, in particular that of groups, without indication of reasons or in connection with a festive event, see to impose special conditions with regard to such reservations.

3.4. Respect for the neighborhood and the environment
The client agrees to adopt a behavior respectful of the inhabitants and the environment in general: fauna, flora, various equipment, etc.

The customer agrees not to park vehicles in places not provided for this purpose (lawn, garden ...). He also undertakes not to install temporary accommodation such as a tent, a mobile home, ...

3.5 Sanctions
If the Customer fails to comply with the obligations referred to in article 3, the service provider may refuse access to the accommodation.
Similarly, he will be entitled to terminate the Contract during his stay, if he becomes aware of an illicit or non-conforming use of the accommodation or of behavior by the client or a person or animal that he has in his custody causing or being able to cause embarrassment or a nuisance such that it jeopardizes the smooth running of the stay.

Art. 4. Total price of the stay

4.1. The total price of the stay is made up of:
- the price of the occupancy of the accommodation, mentioned on the presentation page of the accommodation published on the Website, for the selected period and taking into account the number of participants declared;
- insurance premiums that may have been taken out by the Customer during the booking process.
- compulsory charges / supplements,
- optional charges / supplements chosen by the customer
- Any tourist taxes

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are inclusive of VAT, insofar as this tax is applicable.

The customer will no longer be able to benefit from price reductions or promotional offers after having made his reservation.

4.2. Mandatory and optional charges
Unless otherwise stipulated, cleaning costs, energy and communication packages, taxes, as well as costs linked to the provision of additional services are paid by the customer to the service provider on arrival.

Art. 5. Payment terms and deposit

All reservations will be subject to full payment of the amount due for the stay.

Following your reservation and immediate payment of the total amount of the stay, the service provider will send you a booking confirmation.

Art. 6. Cancellation / early departure costs - cancellation insurance

The cancellation of a reservation entails cancellation costs.

The premature departure of the client, and for whatever reason, does not entail any reimbursement - even partial - of the price of the stay.

The customer can insure himself against these risks by taking out cancellation insurance.

Art. 7. Liability - Insurance

The customer occupies the property like a good father. He is responsible for the rented property, its equipment and the land made available to it.
He reimburses the service provider for all costs incurred by his act and undertakes to report any damage. By making the accommodation available, he is legally bound to return it in the state in which he received it.
From then on, He undertakes to cover his civil liability in the event of fire, theft, water damage for both rental risks and rental furniture, as well as for neighboring claims.

Art. 8. Late payment

Any amount owed by the customer, and not paid 10 days after its due date, will automatically and without notice, for the benefit of the service provider, interest of 1% per month from its due date, the interest of any month started being due for the entire month.

Art. 9. Solidarity

The obligations of the contract are indivisible and solidary with regard to the client, his heirs, or his assigns, in any capacity whatsoever.

Art. 10. Disputes

All disputes or disputes that cannot be resolved amicably will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of the place where the building is located.